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Sell Your Goods at the Hub

We love working with local artists, makers and crafters to sell your creations. 

Our retail area currently has room for about 10-12 artists to display their work to sell. While we don't currently offer to buy your products as wholesale, we are happy to sell your products on consignment. 

Artists are rotated every month to keep our retail area fresh and exciting, as well as give new artists an opportunity to sell their work. 

How it works

Tips for Wholesaling / Selling Consignment 

Since we have opened, we get many similar questions about how people can sell their products in our shop. Here are some tips and tricks that you can use when approaching any retailer.

Do your research! 

Most shops that sell items as wholesale or consignment will have information listed on their webpage (just like our webpage here!) Go to their website first before emailing/calling/sending them a message on social media. You will most likely find all of the answers you need. By doing this first, you are respecting the shop owner or buyers time (and preventing them frustration with having to answer the same question over and over). 

Scout their shop

If you haven't been to their location before, swing by and see if the vibe matches your products. Browse around. Be friendly to the staff. Buy something if you see something you love. See if the staff is engaged with customers or shares about any of the retail products. A BIG red flag is if staff seems bored or isn't knowledgeable about the products they have. You want to find a shop that is passionate about their products and excited to share about them. Do NOT bring in your products to show the staff. Typically they are not the ones who make buying decisions.

Follow the shop's process

If you loved their shop and felt like your products would be a good fit - follow their instructions on how to apply for their wholesale or consignment area. If you've done a deep search on their website and can't find the information, email them through their contact form to ask. Keep the email short and sweet. Ask them what the process is, then follow their instructions. You do not need to send pictures of what you make yet (unless they request it). Following their instructions is the best way to have a healthy and happy business relationship. Many times, shop owners discontinue working with artists because of their inability to follow instructions or poor communication.

What the shop owner or buyer is looking for...

1) Communication and professionalism. AND that the person has an overall good vibe that matches the shop. Shop owners and buyers love working with artists and makers who are easy to communicate with, AND have a mutually beneficial relationship. When the artist's products are in the shop, does the artist promote the shop on social media or in email newsletters? Cross promotion is always a huge bonus for shop owners. AND - see how the shop promotes your work too. If they don't - do research on how well retail products there sell. 

2) Your products are easy for customers to buy. They are clearly labeled with your branding/logo/business name and priced. The way you display your products should be an extension of your professionalism and your brand! It's the best way to hype your products and stand out from other retail items. If shoppers don't know how to interact with your art, they are not going to buy it. Have clear signage if it isn't obvious what the product is or used for.

3) If you do drop-in the shop to scout it out - don't bring business cards. This might be counter-intuitive for what most people think. From an owners perspective: I lose business cards SO easily. If they are dropped off when I'm not at the shop, I have no context about who you are or why you dropped off your card. Plus, I am juggling 20 things at once and have structures I use to keep everything organized (business cards are not part of that structure). I'd rather you do research and follow our process. What you could do if you are insistent of dropping something off: Make a branded postcard! They are larger and hard to lose. Plus, you could write a personalized note to the shop owner or buyer on why you love their shop (and why you left them a postcard). This is much more personal and memorable.

Apply for our retail area here

Only apply after you have read through this page. Be sure to read and answer the questions in full. Applicants who do not answer the questions properly will automatically be declined.
  • Vendor Retail Application
    Vendor Retail Application
    Creative Hub & Coffeehouse Retail Area
    Various Month Options
    Creative Hub & Coffeehouse Retail Area, 501 Commercial Ave, Anacortes, WA 98221, USA
    Please read the full details before applying (scroll down this page and select "Show More" to see full description)
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