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Level Up Your Creative Business with Us!

Growing an art business can be hard, and we'd love to help! 

Join us on Fridays for our workshops designed for creative businesses to elevate their brand and grow. Workshops are only $15 if you reserve your spot in advance, or $20 if you want to drop in.


Here are some topics of workshops we will be hosting:

Level Up Your Product Photography

Enhance the visual appeal of your handmade products through photography techniques, attracting more customers and boosting sales in a competitive market - using your smart phone!

Identify Your Ideal Client

Discover the key to attracting your perfect customers by pinpointing exactly who they are, empowering your artistic business to thrive.

Establish Your Artistic Brand

Learn how to craft a unique and compelling brand identity that resonates with your target audience, setting your artistic business apart in a crowded marketplace.

Level Up Your Booth Design for Markets / Events

Elevate your visual presence and maximize your sales potential with tips and strategies for designing captivating and effective booths at markets and events.

Passive Income through Digital Downloads

Unlock the potential of passive income streams by creating and selling digital downloads of your artwork, expanding your revenue opportunities beyond traditional sales channels.

Wholesaling Tips

Gain insights into the wholesale process and learn effective strategies for pitching your products to local stores, enabling your artistic business to scale and reach broader audiences


If there is something that we haven't listed that you'd love to learn about (or if you are interested in teaching any workshops to help artists grow their businesses), shoot us an email and let's chat! 

Register for an upcoming workshop below:

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