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Creative Avenue Markets

on the back covered patio at the Creative Hub & Coffeehouse in Anacortes

This page was created for vendors who have registered for an upcoming market at the Hub.


If you have any questions that aren't answered here, please email Frannie at (be sure to add this email to your contacts to ensure you don't miss any emails about your registration).

What to know for the Markets at our Hub!

The back patio is covered and located outdoors. We do have space heaters available, and we encourage vendors to bring layers if you run cold.

For Saturday, July 20th: Here is a Flyer and a Social Media image that can be shared. It is a compressed folder - you'll need to extract the images once you've downloaded the folder.



Located on the patio behind our Creative Hub & Coffeehouse. The patio can be found on 5th Street between Commercial and Q Avenue in Anacortes. Closest address: 915 5th Street, Anacortes, WA 98221

Vendor Parking

For unloading and where to park during market hours

For unloading, you can park anywhere along 5th Street. Please do not block or park in the alley adjacent to the back patio.

During market hours, please move car down the block on 5th. Spots can be found along Q Avenue or on the other side of Commercial on 5th. 

We try to reserve as much parking as we can for shoppers.

Vendor Setup

6AM - 7:50AM

We will always have a market manager on site to answer any questions. Setup begins at 6AM - and you are welcome to arrive earlier. The market manager will be there at 6AM to sweep the patio and direct vendors to their booth placement. 

Please plan on having your booth setup prior to 8AM. There is plenty of foot traffic and you will likely get curious shoppers who are walking by.

Market Hours

8AM - 4PM

During market hours, we have the garage door open on the patio for you and for customers to wander inside. They will find our Free Craft Supply Library, our pottery studio, and the coffeehouse. 

Vendors at the markets get 20% off of your beverage drinks on market days. The Hub is open from 8AM-4PM on Saturday, July 20th


There is a bathroom located right beyond the garage door that is available for vendors and shoppers. Please notify the market manager if the bathroom needs any attention.

Booth Spaces

What to know...

When you registered, you chose your booth space in advance. Scroll to the bottom of this page to see the general layout (it is subject to change). 

If the patio is not full, you may have some extra room for setting up. We will communicate that through email if it is the case. 

6x6' Booths: Include a picnic table

2.5x10', 8x8' and 10x10' Booths: Are a blank slate for you to setup however you wish. There are a few chairs on the patio available for vendor use.

WIFI /Electricity:

Plan ahead...

The Hub does have free wifi under CreativeHub. Password is ILOVEART (which is all capital letters).

The back patio does not have electrical outlets. If you need lighting or anything that requires electricity, please plan ahead and bring a battery pack.

Booth Needs / Venue Info

11AM - 4PM

Booth lighting: 

While we are outside and get great natural light, if your booth needs any extra lighting - please plan on bringing battery powered lights as there is no access to an electrical outlet.

Payment Types:

All vendors must provide their own payment system for customers. We do not have an ATM on site. It is up to you if you take cards, cash, or any other form of payment.

We do have cell service available, as well as WIFI if you need to take card sales.


Begins at 4PM

Vendors are not permitted to break down their booth prior to 4PM as it provides a negative experience for shoppers.


We will make an exception is if weather is extreme and vendors items are at risk to get damaged due to weather. 

Patio Map

Subject to change

The layout of the back patio is typically the same each week, but we may make some changes for specific weekends. If this is the case, we will email you an updated map. 

The entrance to the patio is located directly off of 5th Street, between Commercial and Q Avenue. The closest address to the patio is 915 5th Street, Anacortes, WA 98221. It is located directly behind the Hub to the east.



Email works best!

Since we have a few different people who will be helping to manage the back patio over the summer, the best way to communicate with us is through email. 

If you have any questions, please reach out to Frannie:

The phone number to the Hub will reach the baristas who can answer basic questions about classes and markets, but do not have the capacity to know all of the nitty gritty details about managing markets. Thanks for working with us! Reach out via email if you need anything.

If you know you can't make it to the market and need to cancel, please send us an email as soon as you know. 

Social Media!

Let us promote you!

For every market, we are happy to promote our vendors!

If you have a specific photo you'd like us to use of your products, please email them to our social media manager,  Kimberly: 

She will create the social media promotions and include the text you wrote in your registration. We will do our best to tag you - and encourage you to share as much as you can with your followers, email list, and friends.

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Vendor Group on Facebook

Be in the know...

If you aren’t already a part of our Creative Avenue Vendors Facebook group, you can join at the link below.


This group can be used to connect with other vendors, share other market opportunities, ask questions, or learn about future events:

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